The Funny People

Roadside assistance with Andy Haynes

Andy Haynes, a stand-up comic from Seattle who lives in Los Angeles, was on a ski trip and I don’t know what led to him being in a car on the side of the road in the mountains of California when we chatted on Wednesday afternoon, nor do I want to know.

Paring it down with Drew Michael

Drew Michael discusses how much he wants to escape the New York winter, what occasional failure does for personal progress and why the bio on his website is the best bio on any website.

On the move with Megan Koester

Shortly after hearing Megan Koester tell jokes on Cameron Esposito’s wonderful podcast “Put Your Hands Together,” I did what any self-respecting interviewer of stand-up comedians would do. I entered her name in a search engine called Google (Google it!) and…
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Lisa Corrao happily learns her comedy lesson

Lisa Corrao had one of the most demanding, least rewarding jobs known to humankind and endured death threats on the job, then moved into only a slightly less frightening profession — stand-up comedy. After a teaching career that included middle…
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