3 shows, no reviews, just laughs


REVIEWING STAND-UP comedy shows is a risky proposition.

It also seems unnecessary, so I’m not going to do it.

Instead, I thought I’d share my favorite moments from three outstanding shows I’ve seen recently. Then, as always, I’ll post the Best Tweet I Can Find In Five Minutes.

Now that you’re aware of my plan, read on, won’t you?


Stanhope did nothing to dissuade people from believing his reputation as a drinker/drug user is true.

Before downing several vodka-Red Bulls and taking a Klonopin onstage, Stanhope, who was simultaneously blitzed and brilliant during his 90-minute set, was given a shot by a wasted audience member who couldn’t have enjoyed the show since he made approximately 17 trips to the bar. Not even a minute into Stanhope’s act, this Drunk Meathead delivered a shot – tequila I think – to the veteran stand-up, who promptly downed it.

Drunk Meathead walked back to his seat with a shot of his own in hand, expecting Stanhope to raise a glass with him, because that’s EXACTLY what the rest of the paying customers wanted to see, right?

Anyway, Drunk Meathead holds up his shot, only to find Stanhope has moved on to, you know, telling jokes.

Stanhope stopped his set, looked at this mope incredulously and said, “What? I drank it already, you pussy. What the fuck? You wanna tell me your life story now? Sit down. Be quiet. Enjoy the show.”

And the crowd went nuts.

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I expected Barry to headline the Brendon Walsh-Neil Hamburger-Todd Barry event, but Hamburger closed this night after Barry did a thoroughly entertaining 40 minutes, including a few jokes off his latest CD, “Super Crazy.”

After the show, my date bought one of Barry’s DVDs, I bought “Super Crazy” and we both got autographs and pictures with Barry and Walsh. (One of the 982 things I love about comics: Very little, if any, pretense. Want an autograph and a photo? If you’re not a drunk asshole and don’t linger too long at the merch table, you can get both, easily.)

As funny as Barry — one of the best in the business in my opinion — was onstage, a moment during my CD purchase is what stood out. I pick up the CD and Barry, like a gangster, says, “That’ll be 15 big ones,” and I chuckled. Who refers to dollars as “big ones” anymore? Thankfully, Todd Barry does.

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During Glass’s sweaty set at Nutt Street’s outstanding, albeit warm, underground location, he tried a bunch of new stuff, worked off of notes he brought on stage and did crowd work with precision.

I laughed throughout his act, but a failed joke led to the funniest moment of the night in my opinion. Glass told a joke that drew laughs from maybe six people in the audience. Then he proceeded to chastise those six people.

Pointing at a man in the front row and briefly discussing the patron’s lack of laughter, Glass addressed the crowd thusly, “He’s right! Fuck you if you laughed at that joke!”

Then EVERYBODY laughed. It wasn’t forced. It wasn’t planned. It was Glass being totally honest, in the moment and it worked.

This isn’t new. Good comics can get a laugh out of a joke that didn’t get a laugh, but to see Glass handle it the way he did was exciting and hilarious.

My stomach muscles are laugh-sore.

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Here it is, the Best Tweet I Can Find In Five Minutes:

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