Faces, wallets will love Dollar Shave Club


Funny, right? Since first being turned on to that clip via Doug Stanhope’s Twitter feed, I’ve probably watched it close to 10 times. It’s absolutely hilarious, even though I wish the F word hadn’t been bleeped, almost as much as I wish I hadn’t just typed “the F word.”

The folks at Dollar Shave Club didn’t respond to my request for an interview, but I still want to help their cause because they came up with a brilliant idea that is helping thousands of people save money and they’re using humor to get their message to the masses.

Paying nearly $30 for eight brand name blades at my local Harris Teeter was getting really old, particularly since I continually felt like I was getting ripped off.

Sure, the flashy Gillette Fusion five-blader I was using provided a stellar shave, but a post-shave neck massage should have been included for the kind of money I was shelling out on those blades.

So, about 10 minutes after viewing the aforementioned video, I decided to give Dollar Shave Club a try and I can say with 100 percent certainty that my days of stuffing the already-bulging pockets of Gillette executives are over.

The DSC offers three options — The Humble Twin for $1 a month, The 4X (my choice) for $6 a month and The Executive for $9 a month. There are no hidden shipping and handling charges or processing fees. I pay $6 per month for four 4X blades that are delivered to my mailbox. That’s $72 a year.

Four Fusion blades cost around $15, which equals $180 a year, which means I’ll be saving more than $100 a year and yes, I realize this isn’t a math or money column, but in a time when we’re all pinching pennies, slicing $108 off the expenditures list is all kinds of awesome.

Ordering couldn’t be easier and my blades showed up within days of placing the order. Two shaves in and I can report the DSC blades are as good as anything the big blade companies produce. My only regret is not becoming a DSC member sooner.

Visit dollarshaveclub.com and join the revolution, or just watch and read all the funny stuff going on there.

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